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Thursday, March 30, 2006

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Denver and Aurora are snuggling up over a new water deal, according to the Denver Post. From the article, "Denver and Aurora were once the Hatfields and McCoys of the metro region - cities with a shared border and a mutual disgust - but that strained relationship is easing. On Wednesday, Aurora Mayor Ed Tauer announced a potential water agreement that would allow Aurora and Denver to share water facilities and enable Aurora to buy Denver's water when there's excess...

"Now, the two are looking to the metro region's other highly sought-after liquid: water. Tauer said the Aurora City Council on Monday will consider an operational agreement with the Denver Water Board that would link part of Aurora's water system to Denver's. The agreement would allow Aurora to buy Denver's excess water and allow both cities to share a ditch and pipeline. It also would let Denver tap into Aurora's $830 million Prairie Waters project in the future."

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Water Tech Online: "TechKnowledge Strategic Group (TSG) has released its 7th annual State of the Water Industry report, a 20-page overview of key trends and developments in the broader water products and service industry, according to a company announcement.

"The Colorado-based environmental services consulting firm will highlight The State of the Water Industry 2006: A Comprehensive Overview of Trends and Opportunities in the Water Business at WQA Aquatech in Chicago and at the Ultrapure Water Executive Forum in Philadelphia, April 11-12.

For more information about the report or to request a free copy, call Steve Maxwell at (303) 442-4800 or send him an email (

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Here's an article from the Pueblo Chieftain with details about the the alternatives report for the proposed Southern Delivery System. SDS is a plan to move water from Pueblo Reservoir to Colorado Springs, Fountain and Security.

From the article, "The Bureau of Reclamation released its alternatives report for the Southern Delivery System environmental impact statement Wednesday. The draft EIS is expected to be completed by spring 2007, followed by public comment and release of the final EIS in early 2008...

"Because the proposed pipeline would link to the federal Fryingpan-Arkansas Project, Reclamation must review it under the National Environmental Policy Act...

"Reclamation is considering seven alternatives including:

"No action: If the pipeline is not constructed, the most likely action would be a project recycling return flows, suggested in Colorado Springs' 1996 Water Resources Plan. A suggestion by Pueblo County consultant Ray Petros to include flood control with recycling was not included, because it goes beyond the scope of SDS. Reclamation recommended including the idea in other regional discussions on Fountain Creek.

"Proposed action: The pipeline as proposed by participants. It includes reservoirs on Jimmy Camp Creek for terminal storage and Williams Creek for return flow exchanges. Both are east of Colorado Springs.

"Wetlands: The Jimmy Camp Creek reservoir is eliminated to reduce impacts on wetlands. The proposal still includes a return-flow pipeline to Fremont County.

"Arkansas River: Intake for SDS would be moved to just west of the Fountain Creek confluence to minimize impact on Arkansas River flows through Pueblo. A return pipeline to Fremont County is still included in the alternative.

"Fountain Creek: The intake would remain at Pueblo Dam, but return flows would be piped back to the river, now along Fountain Creek, to minimize problems of sedimentation, erosion and water quality on the creek.

"Downstream Intake: The intake would be east of the Fountain Creek confluence, an attempt advocated by some in Pueblo as a way of forcing Colorado Springs to deal with water quality issues on the creek. The alternative did not pass cost screening, but was retained due to public interest.

"Highway 115: It would take and return flows with pipelines in Fremont County, bypassing Pueblo altogether. This alternative also does not pass cost screening, but was included because of political demands to consider an alternative incorporating Brush Hollow Reservoir. Brush Hollow was removed from the proposal, however.

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