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 Monday, August 11, 2003

Interesting: This blog the 8th site returned by Yahoo Search when searching for Nietchze and God.
6:06:31 PM    

SpamBayes, which is based on math suggested by me as an improvement to the approach in Paul Graham's seminal "A Plan For Spam" article, and supplemented with a great observation from Tim Peters that the "Unsure" range of spam/ham classification is very useful, won this comparative testing against PopFile.

The test was slashdotted today.

John Graham-Cumming, who is responsible for PopFile, Tim Peters and I are all members of ActiveState's Anti-Spam Task Force.

I must admit I'm competitive enough to enjoy that sort of thing. ;)

(Note, John is doing a fantastic job at documenting specific tricks used by spammers.)
6:02:19 PM    

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