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 Thursday, August 28, 2003

"Dennis K. Berman offers a ray of hope to people frustrated and demoralized by the spread of spam: Spamming could eventually burn itself out by becoming a victim of its own proliferation, he muses." [From the's summary of a Wall Street Journal article. The summary is worth checking out.]
4:07:31 PM    

At first I didn't take Lindows seriously. I figured all Michael Robertson had done was to get lucky enough to register the domain before anybody else, and then followed through by doing the totally obvious with it.

But Lindows has been consistently doing interesting and provocative stuff -- not unlike Steve Jobs' appoach with Apple, although at the opposite end of the pricing curve.
3:01:32 PM    

"A group of economists from around Europe has issued a scathing critique of the European Parliament's proposed law on software patents, arguing it would damage Europe's software industry while benefiting almost no one except patent lawyers." []
2:56:55 PM    

"Adult Women Like to Play Games"
A poll released by the Entertainment Software Association and conducted by Peter D. Hart Research Associates found that 26 percent of game players are women 18 or older, while 21 percent are boys 6 to 17." []
That would be a more interesting statistic -- or more likely, a much less interesting-sounding statistic, if the story said how many women over 17 there are compared to the number of boys 6 to 17. "Lies, damn lies, and statistics" -- Mark Twain.
10:28:39 AM    

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