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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Google Launches Summer of Code [Slashdot:] boosting open source projects with student coders -- BL

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Concept Maps Go to School. Software developed with military and NASA funding maps out what scientists know in diagram form. 'Cmaps' are proving useful tools to help school kids around the world organize info and solve problems. [Wired News]
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Advertisers Tap Brain Science. Scientists hope improved MRI scans will help them understand what happens when people make choices. Marketers salivate at the potential payday. By Randy Dotinga. [Wired News]
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AI Seduces Stanford Students. Researchers find that mimicry makes digital avatars more credible and persuasive. Will the discovery lead to armies of super cybersalesmen? By Kevin Poulsen. [Wired News]
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How music affects language. The allure of music has been a recurring question for psychologists. Why do we see the need for music? Is music like language, or is it something entirely different? The attempts to answer the latter question have generated mixed results. Musicians with brain damage have retained musical ability while losing language ability. Some patients with [...] [Cognitive Daily]
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Infancy 'determines cancer risk'. The earliest days of life could determine if risky genes will go on to trigger cancer, scientists claim. [BBC News | Science/Nature | UK Edition]
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Coming Soon, The Google Translator [Slashdot:]
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The ultra-thin InfoCard. Over the weekend I needed to log in to eBay from somebody else's machine. The browser was Firefox, but it would have been impolite to install Greasemonkey and Password Composer, or even to install a bookmarklet, so instead I just used the live version of the password generator that has dramatically streamlined my online life in recent months. ... [Jon's Radio]
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