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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Audio Ebook Project.

I’m still pulling together an announcement so I don’t have a detailed write-up yet, but I wanted to note that I’m putting together the-most-incredible-offer-ever for audio ebooks for Illinois libraries (not just MLS libraries). It’s one of the other Really Big Projects I’m working on right now.

If you’re thinking about signing a contract for digital audiobooks, DON’T commit to anything until you hear this offer. If you’re dying for more info, call or email me at MLS, but I should have some info up here soon. I promise you won’t find a better deal anywhere else!

[The Shifted Librarian]
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Some insight into the nature of memory. When I started work on a memoir about my childhood, I thought remembering what actually happened would be the easy part. I had very specific memories of very specific events, and I wrote them down exactly as I remembered them. One memory involved my stepsister winning Glen Campbell's Rhinestone Cowboy album at a pumpkin carving [...] [Cognitive Daily]
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Communities of Practice and Complexity : Conversation and Culture. Peter Bond illustrates some important underlying principles of communities of practice. Bond's graph mapping a community's degree of formalism with its 'emotional energy' looks almost exactly like a graph drawn by Francisco Varela at a session I attended in 1994 or so. Varela, though, mapped link density against information transmission. His sweet spot - enough information to create semantically relevance, but not so much as to create chaos - maps almost exactly against Bond's sweet spot for communities of practice. I don't think this correlation is accidental; I think they were mapping the same thing. Take the two concepts together and you arrive what the ideal degree of connectivity between entities in order to create a maximal online community. And that point is the modified scale free network I tried to desribe in Community Blogging, and I continue to believe (though I can't prove it) that the mathematics expressing this sweet spot may be found in the study of Boltzmann machines. With Bond, I recommend the study of what he calls "an extraordinary theoretical base, primarily derived from a biological perspective of human behaviour and cognition, and how it might be used to better understand the concept of communities of practice." Via Nancy White. By Peter Bond, LeaderValues, November, 2004 [Refer][Research][Reflect] [OLDaily]
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WebCT, ‘Powerlinks’, PHP Wiki & Open Source Robbery. James Farmer offers a hostile reaction to the news that WebCT is incorporating open source tools - such as PHPWiki - into its learning management system. By James Farmer, incorporated subversion, June 8, 2005 [Refer][Research][Reflect] [OLDaily]
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Creating e-Portfolios using Atom and FOAF. Some nice thinking by Scott Wilson which starts off on the right foot: "An e-Portfolio is, by definition, an aggregate or composite of many facets." What I have been calling a profile. He then lists the types of feeds that work together to create an e-portfolio, and outlines the various XML languages - Atom (which is similar to RSS), IMS e-portfolio, HR-XML and FOAF - that enable these feeds. By Scott Wilson, Scott Wilson's Workblog, June 3, 2006 [Refer][Research][Reflect] [OLDaily]
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Netvouz - Online Social Bookmarks Manager - Organize, Tag and Share your bookmarks [Edubloggers Links Feed]
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Barks Are Local; Meows Are Global. How do you say "moo" in Japanese? Bzzzpeek.com, a Web site devoted to onomatopoeia, will gladly demonstrate. By By SARAH BOXER. [NYT > Education]
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SIMILE | Piggy Bank. screen scrapper and RDF mapper for firefox [Edubloggers Links Feed]
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Disobedience Can Save Your Life. Many World Trade Center occupants ignored emergency officials on 9/11. Turns out that was a smart move. By Gary Wolf from Wired magazine. [Wired News]
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Disposable Camcorder [Slashdot:]
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Home : Services : Institution-wide Learning Management System Consultation and Proposal Process [Edubloggers Links Feed]
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Executing Learning Objects, Resurrecting Sharing and Reuse.


I was fortunate to instigate a workshop last week as part of the BC Educational Technology Users Group spring workshops in Merritt, B.C. The workshop was on "Practical Tips for Reusability and Interoperability." In keeping with themes I laid out earlier on this weblog, I began the session with a formal execution of the term "learning object" which you can see at the link above (feel free to reuse this - maybe if it's played enough times the term will finally die off). (more...)

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