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Friday, June 10, 2005

Building a Linux Virtual Server [Slashdot:]
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Many Scientists Admit Unethical Practices [Slashdot:] this finding make replications of finding even more important simply to weed out the "problem studies" -- BL

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When do we learn what colors mean?. When I was about twelve years old, I came up with an idea for a massive practical joke to play on an unsuspecting baby. For its entire childhood, everyone around the baby would conspire to convince it that the sky was green. Then at some point in the future, perhaps in front of the entire [...] [Cognitive Daily]
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Some Uses of Blogs in Education. I don't know when Scott Leslie created this very useful graphic (or even whether he did - it's undated and unsigned - tsk) but it was cited on ITForum today and is well worth a link here. By Scott Leslie, EdTechPost, June, 2005 [Refer][Research][Reflect] [OLDaily]
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Course Management Systems: Past, Present and Future. While I was messing around in Scott Leslie's site (see below) I ran across this presentation he delivered in May but posted today (it's probably in the aggregator too but I have a thousand or so links to read). This presentation is well worth a review - the timeline of content management systems is itself worth looking at. But after looking at some models, he describes several service oriented initiatives - Carnegie Mellon, JISC, IMS, OKI - and the distributed model advocated here and elsewhere recently. Many great diagrams (which I'll steal for tomorrow) and some provokative questions, including the one I'm always asked: "Is it possible to achieve “enterprise quality service” without imposing or assuming a well-defined, hierarchical structure?" By Scott Leslie, EdTechPost, May 11, 2005 [Refer][Research][Reflect] [OLDaily]
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Power stations 'no cancer risk'. A report finds no evidence that living near UK nuclear power stations increases the rate of childhood cancers. [BBC News | Science/Nature | UK Edition]
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MoonEdit. collaborative cross platform text editor [Edubloggers Links Feed]
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Engadget says Yahoo may buy Skype. Oyyyyyy. I use Yahoo, but I really want a new company to start here. Please don't sell out. On the other hand, they are a beast of venture capital, the firm that backed Hotmail when they sold out to Microsoft (made big waves in the valley at the time) so there's a pretty good chance the rumors are right. [Scripting News]
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