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Wednesday, April 21, 2004

  12:55:34 PM  
Through EricFlag draped coffins and mosaic of the war dead becoming the image of Dubbya. Check out the big one if you have a hose which can handle it or you have some time on your hands if you don't.

  12:27:43 AM  
Oh man the events page is a disaster.  It could be awhile before kRadio gets tuned in properly.

  12:26:50 AM  
Radio sucks.  It is not upstreaming.  Off we go to figure out why. 

  12:25:57 AM  
And the opposite ?  Software that sucks ?  Acrobat 6.0.   I went this route when rebuilding as it was simple and I couldn't find a copy of 5 quickly.  Major mistake, what a hog, slow as mollasses (sp?).  Tossed it today and returned to 5 which is a beautiful thing.

  12:19:54 AM  
Just made my yearly contribution to Userland.  40 bucks, though Radio is far from perfect, it truly kicks butt at what it does and I can't live without it.  Reminder to self to create that list of software you can't live without.

  12:18:45 AM  
Wow, been down for quite some time.  Why ?  Cause Windowze XP went out to lunch on my main machine and I had to rebuild the whole machine.   This was painful and kRadio or the personal blog is far down the priority list.  Worst part was I was aggregator less for quite some time.  Glad to be back, not like the readership here is beating down my door but it's an avenue to vent, preach and who knows what else. 

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