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Tuesday, April 27, 2004

  6:16:42 PM  
More via Daypop Top 40,  warning this is not for the faint of heart, Some Picture A Friend Brought Back From Iraq . I started fixing some of the pics here and I think decided they were better dark because you can't see the carnage.  Yet, isn't this the problem ? the powers that be don't want us to see the carnage and here I am looking and not wanting to see it either.  What a mess.  Dubbya has to go.

  6:06:10 PM  

Sometimes I forget to visit Daypop for days.  It never fails when I do see the masses have latched on to something entertaining:  


// No matter what !

  3:41:09 PM  
Offshoring foes protest at IBM annual meeting. Sporadic chants of "Offshore the CEO!" punctuated a gray Tuesday morning here in Providence, Rhode Island, as about two dozen picketers representing a group of current and former IBM Corp. employees welcomed attendees to the company's annual meeting. [via InfoWorld: Top News] // Highlighting all mine.

  12:54:25 PM  
Gary Wolf: "There is a clear parallel between the excitement of the PointCast days and the enthusiasm for RSS today." [via Scripting News]

  12:52:14 PM  
More trademark hijakcing....Axa sues Google over trademark

  12:50:45 PM  
Prince Brings Funk to Viacom Stations (Reuters). Reuters - Prince will take over Viacom's airwaves Wednesday night for a 30-minute concert special. [via Yahoo! News - Entertainment - Music//   Why ?  

  12:47:11 PM  
Toshiba taps UPS for laptop repairs. The PC maker will use UPS's network of drop-off locations, as well as its repair technicians and supply chain, to streamline the way it handles notebook repairs. [CNET News.com //  this is an awesome idea.  I've never been fond of the Toshiba laptop designs but they do well in most any study I've seen of happy laptop owners.  This is enough to get me to look again.

  12:45:02 PM  
Cancer ?  Terrorism ? Hmmm........she didn't hit it right on the head but close enough to get me thinking.  Definitely something which makes me go hmmm.....

  12:41:29 PM  

The journey to good stuff:

Not a Fish: " To survive cancer we must be very strong and determined. To survive cancer we must inflict unspeakable agony on ourselves." - Terrorism is cancer

  12:20:57 AM  
This serves 'em right for putting this debacle on channel 26 and CTV.  No one can watch so we will pretend this didn't happen.

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