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Wednesday, April 28, 2004

  3:01:07 PM  

"That was true even though programmers in India cost Bladelogic $3,500 a month versus a monthly cost of $10,000 for programmers in the United States. "The cost savings in India were three to one," Mr. Ittycheria said . "But the difference in productivity was six to one." - Send Jobs to India? Some Find It's Not Always Best. nytimes.com  [via All Headline News - Top News and Headlines]

  2:43:42 PM  

Bill to bounce back CD-ROMs gets dumped. The California State Assembly has voted down a bill that would have required companies to include a stamped envelope with every CD-ROM that they mass-mail to households. [CNET News.com]

//  Hey I like this idea.  

A quote:  "AOL applauded the vote outcome, saying that the bill 'would have unnecessarily taxed the software industry'" // I have one word for this, krap.  Only company on the face of the earth this is bad for is AOHell.  Speaking of "on earth", they are covering the earth with CDs which we don't want.  The only way they can sell the service is to get the CD in the hands of unknowledgable users because if they had to rely on people going out of their way to pursue and buy it, they'd be out of business.

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