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Monday, April 26, 2004

  11:42:55 PM  
Can every airline please buy a 7E7.  Look at these cabins. [John Robb's Weblog] // Worth a peek, imagine if flying meant cabins like these ?

  11:15:51 PM  
Pain-Free Tot Is Menace To Herself. www.cbsnews.com - Apr 26 2004 23:9:22 GMT [All Headline News - Top News and Headlines] // Sheri pointed me to an article about this girl in the Trib yesterday. I brought the newsprint with me to find it to add to the blog but ran across this before searching.  Everytime you think you've got it bad, imagine this.  I squirmed reading it repeatedly.

  4:37:49 PM  
Advertisers face up to TiVo reality. National advertisers plan to cut spending on TV commercials as ad-skipping devices take hold, according to a survey. Web advertising is expected to benefit from the shift. [CNET News.com // What is next ? I don't watch commercials anymore, well seldom is more accurate.  Seems like adervtising at the ball game will be better cause the need to see the sports close to real time makes me see commercials.  Otherwise commercials just make me want to turn it off.  Go HBO.  If I could only pay for HBO & CMT it would be a beautiful world ;-)

  4:32:33 PM  
NY Times article breaks down Google ownership. [Scripting News] // Interesting.

  4:24:37 PM  
Jennifer Hudson Not Shocked by 'Idol' Vote (AP). AP - The rest of the country was stunned, but Jennifer Hudson says her ejection this week from "American Idol" didn't surprise her. [Yahoo! News - Entertainment - Music //  If you're watching this, this was crushing.  If you are not, well only you are missing out.  It's amazing to watch this show from the beginning when they weeded out the clowns to now.  Watching Jennifer Hudson improve throughout the show was amazing.  The red headed kid John can't shing anything but Dean Martin crooming and he is still around.  AMAZING.  The look on his face each week as he survives each of his horrible performances is great.  He knows he is the weakest singer there and should have been sent packing weeks ago yet he keeps surviving.  Watch his face each week he survives, he knows he's getting away with something.  Thank god for Simon cause he lets the ones who are not cutting it know as directly as possible.

  4:12:05 PM  
Country Singer Messina Finishing Rehab (AP). AP - Country singer Jo Dee Messina is in an alcohol rehabilitation program in Utah, her manager confirmed Friday. [Yahoo! News - Entertainment - Music //  Hate to see this but if it gets rid of the svengali (sp?) of a boyfriend, she will be in better shape.  Marrying the manager is never a good idea.  Jo Dee a drunk ?  What is the world coming too ?

  1:56:56 AM  
Abortion rights protest packs National Mall.// Yes !  Dubbya must go.

  1:51:52 AM  

Found it, Starbuck's parody here.  Sure wish I could point directly to Eric's and Leigh's blogs with permalinks to their trading off posts but their blogging tools suck.  Sure seems like Blogspot has the permalinks but they sure don't work for finding the exact post.  Leigh's post copied here cause it is worth it:

"The Pros and Cons of being a Columnist for a Hot Shit Newspaper.

Sure, you may have editors who'll ferret out your typos and put an end to your endless run-on sentences. You may get a paycheck that enables you to subject you and your spouse to a transatlantic flight with 6 year old twins and call it a "vacation". But if you want people to see a link you found of a Starbucks parody, you have to turn to some C-level potty-mouthed blogger and get her to do it for you. Tsk.

  1:24:17 AM  
Need to find the Starbucks thing from about a week back.  Eric pointed to another blog so we would all see if without him pointing cause the Tribsters would have frowned on it.  Hmm......I will find it.

  1:23:05 AM  

"Forgent's critics say the new lawsuit is yet another example of how the practice of using patents to generate revenue is endangering the computing industry"

Forgent Sues Over JPEG Patent. Forgent Networks says it owns a key algorithm in the JPEG picture format, and intends to get 31 of the computing industry's biggest companies to pay for it. By Amit Asaravala. [via Wired News] // krap.  Feels good to type that after a long time away.  Companies who can't make money decide to try to scam it off the back of companies who can.  Do they go after everybody ? never.  Only those who they think will pay them to go away.  Seems like the Michael Jackson pattern here.   Too bad for Mr. Jackson there aren't a bunch of him they could go after.   Seems SCO has had some trouble on their conniving hands in the last few days too.

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