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Friday, January 02, 2004

In a recent 'no holds barred' fight in Japan there was a 160 pound fighter vs a 330 pound boxer (Butterbean for those that have heard of him). Who do you think would win with such a large weight difference? The 160 pound fighter by heelhook. A couple of pics to appreciate the size difference:

Bill Mahoney of South Shore SportFighting sums it up nicely on rec.martial-arts:

Any self-defense teacher not teaching the heelhook is not competant to be teaching self-defense and put his students in danger. I have seen small weak men hurt huge powerful men very badly and very quickly with this move. Instead idiots call themselves self-defense instructers and teach palmheels and footstomps. Amazing that such ignorance exists in 2004.

The 160 pound fighter was a BJJ stylist called Genki Sudo. BJJ is an important skill to add to your arsenal if being a rounded fighter is your game. If you are in Wellington, New Zealand, take a look at the Grappling Studio Wellington, the only specialist BJJ school in this part of the country.

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This thread in the Corman Lisp Forums describes how to install Corman Lisp under Linux using Wine.
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Corman Lisp FFI HOWTO.
3:09:14 PM      

Corman Lisp now has an official support forum.
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Krzysztof Kowalczyk does a roundup of IMAP capable email clients. The pick of choice is Thunderbird. I also use Thunderbird for IMAP and it's quite good. The Cacko X11 ROM for the Zaurus uses Sylpheed which appears to support IMAP as well. I'll be trying it out as I've yet to find a really good IMAP email client for the Zaurus. The email client that came with the Sharp ROM was terrible. It attempted to download your entire IMAP mail archive which in my case has no chance of fitting on something as small as a PDA. I most often prefer using the web based interface of Fastmail.
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According to the Gwydion Dylan mailing list Apple recently released XCode 1.1 which supports Dylan syntax coloring and function pop ups. Chris Page expands on how this came to be.
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Jim Benson posts on the Seaside mailing list about why RSS matters. It's a great post with tips on using RSS effectively for non-weblog type sites.
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Changed Mark Watsons link in my blogroll to point to the correct address (I was woefully out of date, sorry Mark) and added a link to the Lispmeister weblog.
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Patrick Logan talks about wanting scripting languages on mobile devices. I completely agree. This is one of the reasons why I ported Ficl Forth and the Io programming language to the Symbian platform (specifically the Nokia 9210 cellphone).

Being able to write quick scripts on the phone itself to send SMS, respond to SMS, etc was great. When my 9210 died I got a Nokia 3650 which is also a Symbian device but doesn't have a keyboard. I've not yet worked out the best way of writing scripts for it. I'm leaning towards running a small HTTP server on the phone and using a computer or PDA to write the scripts and send it to the phone via the HTTP server.

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UnCommon Web is a Common Lisp framework for building continuation based web applications. From what I can gather it uses macros to convert code to continuation passing style and capturing the continuations from there. It looks pretty good from the documentation and I'm looking forward to trying it out. I recently developed a continuation based web framework in Scheme for a company and I'm interested in how a Common Lisp version would compare. Yes, I've been able to hack Lisp (Scheme) commercially and get paid for it. It's a nice feeling.
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Massive Software have updated their site with a new look. Massive, the software used to generate 'virtual extras' in the Lord of the Rings movies, is also a commercial product. And it's a fantastic product I might add (disclaimer: I used to work on the software so I'm perhaps a bit biased). Massive was recently used again by The Mill to produce a commercial for Sony Playstation.
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Long time no post...Lots of things happening in life, hopefully things are settling down in the new year so I can continue some of my projects. Now to spend some time catching up...
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