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Sunday, February 17, 2002

I created this post using the WYSIWYG editor in Radio on a Windows machine which is probably one of the products big selling points. I could have created the post using an HTML or text editor and pasted the source in or used an external tool that can post through the blogger API. The reason I used the web page editor is that is supposedly what the target audience for Radio is going to use.

They don't know HTML, they don't know about tables, they don't know about CSS and they definitely don't know about macros. They want to be able to post styled text and images to their web pages. BTW, I think the UI for including images in posts in Radio is sort of weak, it seems simpler in Manila, at least based on what I know of the image posting process so far.

This post doesn't even contain any formatting other than <P> tags and some special quoting now that I added that paragraph tag. But even this simple amount of HTML is more than most people know. If they just typed into a source editor and then posted their content and it wrapped all the words together on the web page they would be very confused. Only programmers and designers forced to deal with HTML actually care about these stupid tags used to encode the content.

Forget about tables for a moment. If Radio is really going to push CSS, the place it has to be done is in this WYSIWYG editor. Is that possible? Can the UI still keep the notion of the styles, but support CSS behind-the-scenes? I would hope so, but I don't know how the mapping would be done except for more abstract entities like <H1>, <H2>, ordered lists, etc. that are more semantic. This is the fundamental problem that other WYSIWYG editors also have to solve.

What are examples of WYSIWYG products that do CSS right?

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