Freitag, 7. Februar 2003

Penguins revisited: Good news - Apart from the Cocoon power-workshop, I will be doing 2 presentations at JAX2003. One will be about RSS and Cooon. The other is titled: "Penguins are only human after all" and will focus on the story of our open source group over the past 2 years. In particular what happens when a commercial entity starts getting involved with open source (and what you can learn from our mistakes). I've submitted the same talk for OSCON - so perhaps I will get to do the same talk in Portland in July.   

Help Frank: Frank is looking for someone to test whether his Trackback works. Radio doesn't support Trackback - so perhaps some kind person will help. Thanks!

Update: Thanks Matt!


The party is over - RSS in Outlook: I've just installed the current version of NewsGator and now have RSS aggregation in Outlook. This is great and the current version performs reasonably well for what I need. Right-clicking on an RSS-link in a web page to add it to NewsGator is cool stuff.

Of course Microsoft will eventually add this to Outlook anyway - won't they!?   

Instapundit: I've started reading Glenn's weblog regularly - he gives a good roundup of the non-techie stuff going on - but his RSS feed sucks. It contains too little of the article to be actually worth reading. I guess he wants people to stick to reading the web version.   

vlc sucks - mplayer rocks: Up to yesterday, I was using vlc as the video-player on my iBook 500. Playback was good in general - although choppy on some videos. Then yesterday I updated to vlc 0.5.0 only to find the performance had gone down the drain. I wasn't able to play a video without playback freezing on me. Luckily Frank had pointed me to mplayer for mac os X - so I uninstalled vlc and installed mplayer. Although not prone to strong language me - well mplayer just kicks ass. I was able to watch 2 episodes of West Wing in full screen glory as smooth as creamy peanut butter.