24 February 2003
Nanotech to pave way for micro-machines. Disposable satellite transmitters, inexpensive medical testing equipment and other devices will become possible over the next 10 years, thanks to nanotechnology. [CNET News.com]
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Today (3pm, in Dublin) is the first forum on the proposed data retention bill, held by the Department of Justice. This is a huge business and citizen privacy issue. If your organisation has not been invited and you feel that you should have been, do call the Deprtament and ask to be included. I would especially encourage unions, universities/colleges, and business organisations to be there as it seems you weren't among those approached by the Department with the original invites.
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DoCoMo adds Flash to phones. The Japanese phone giant will become the first carrier to provide services based on Macromedia's Flash player. [CNET News.com]
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From the always-interesting  Paris blog: A survey in today's "Journal Du Dimanche" (not available on the web) came up with some results that some might not want to hear.

Like Americans and favourable with intervention in Iraq 6%
Like Americans and opposed to intervention in Iraq 70%
Don't like Americans and am opposed to an intervention in Iraq 15%
Don't like Americans and in favour of intervention in Iraq 2%
So 17% of French could be construed as "hating" America. I think the figure in America on the French would be considerably higher.

"How many French does it take to defend Paris?" asks Missouri congressman Roy Blunt (though I have also seen this attributed to George Will.) "None, no-one has ever tried. That is a sick joke. 100,000 died in the first weeks of World War 2 alone. One and a half million died in World War 1.

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