27 May 2003
One of my favourite German sites, the wonderfully-named Industrial Technology & Witchcraft, is letting German-speakers know about our Irish blogger get-together next week. Charter a flight, German bloggers! Come over and join us for some Guinness! (By the way, they note: "The recipe for Irish Stew: Take some meat, potatoes, and lots of Guinness. Drink the Guinness and forget the rest.")
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Boing Boing Blog: Blog couture t-shirtsLink, Discuss.

I want one!! I'll have to have my cool Aussie sis-in-law Dawn, who works here and is coming over for the Special Olympics World Games in Dublin in June, bring one over from the US.

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Microsoft: Longhorn goes to pieces. Microsoft retools its next release of Windows to streamline and lower the cost of building and distributing the software. [CNET News.com]
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The Register adds its two cents about the Irish government's proposed data retention legislation.
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SARS Digital folk art: instant message icons.   Link to full-size screenshot, from "Blog do Itaulab." [Boing Boing Blog]
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The Blogosphere, RSS, Microsoft, Apple, Etc.. Dan Gillmor's "older, wiser brother Steve has posted three items called "Shucks and Aww" relating to the emergence of the blogosphere". [Dan Gillmor's eJournal]
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As in music, so in politics: Nul points: UK out of tune with Europe. Eurovision debacle prompts calls for BBC to change selection process. [Guardian Unlimited] ... But believe it or not, people ranging from the songwriter of the out-of-tune UK entry, to a British Minister, have blamed Euro-hostility to Britain  for its role in the Iraq war for the UK getting zilch points in Eurovision on Saturday. A few years back, that would have been an ideal line for a comedy sketch on Not the Nine O'Clock News. Britain: get over yourself! The song was crap and the performance even worse! And it's only Eurovision, fer crying out loud!

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AOL Founder Said to Consider a Spinoff. Stephen M. Case, mastermind of America Online's acquisition of Time Warner, has begun to talk of undoing the deal by spinning off AOL. [New York Times: Technology]
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Eve Babitz. "By the time I'd grown up, I naturally supposed that I'd be grown up." [Quotes of the Day]
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Irish bloggers social: anyone in Ireland who blogs, any bloggers from elsewhere who happen to be around, and anyone who is interested in blogging but doesn't do it yet is welcome to join an informal (can you say, 'pub'?) gathering this coming Tuesday, June 3rd. We will meet from 8pm upstairs in the Library Bar in the Central Hotel on Exchequer Street (yes, you know it, the hotel just up from the Sth. Georges Street arcade, as you turn off down Exchequer Street).

Come earlier rather than later -- try not to do that Irish thing of arriving half an hour before closing time! And please pass the word.

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