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Monday, June 24, 2002

Music, sweet music, there'll be music everywhere...

Tom Poe's working on this, and he is not the only one.  He is a fan of Larry Lessig's Creative Commons project, as am I.  Go Larry!  Go Tom!
10:11:35 PM    

Batmobile Schmatmobile, The Preferred Tool of Terrorists is...

Adam writes: "A picture named weirnmobile.jpgI have actually driven the oscar meyer Weiner mobile...."

Well you can't drive it near the Pentagon anymore.

Sad to think now of all the security that surrounds the Weinermobile.  But, at the same time, when I consider the sleek, high-tech aerodynamic chassis, and the tremendous payload that could be stuffed into the frame of this phallic symbol on wheels, I have to admit I understand why we can't let this thing near the Pentagon.

5:15:27 PM    

Travel Tips from Rick Klau

You know you've been on the road too long when you ....[click here
5:08:59 PM    

This too shall pass... or will it?

If we're talking about intellectual property "passing into the public doman," then maybe not.  At least not if the Content Kings have their way.  I agree with Donna Wentworth.  She agrees with Larry Lessig, and the title of her post pays homage to his book The Future of Ideas.   I myself try to pay homage to that book at least once a week.
3:49:25 PM    

The Anti-Spaminator

From Dean Peters, a righteous dude if ever there was one. 
11:14:54 AM    

I'm glad I'm not the Oscar Mayer wiener

"The Oscar Mayer Wienermobile was busted for getting too near the Pentagon on a highway closed to commercial traffic. The sharp eyes of Virginia state troopers spotted and pulled over the giant motorised sausage on Highway 110, which has been closed to vehicles with six wheels or more since the September 11 terrorist attacks." []

We must remain vigilant.  The terrorists are desperate, and who's to say they wouldn't try to hijack a national emblem like the Wienermobile and drive it into the Pentagon?
10:38:06 AM    

Supreme Court update from Howard Bashman...

 UPDATE: The Supreme Court of the United States today decided four of the pending eight argued cases and will return on Thursday, June 27, 2002 to announce decisions in the remaining four cases. You can access my recent summary of these eight cases here. The Court today decided cases 3, 5, 7, and 8 listed in my summary.

The Court has saved for Thursday its decisions on: (a) the constitutionality of government-funded vouchers for religious schools; (b) the constitutionality of suspicionless drug testing of public high school students; (c) the scope of free speech rights of candidates for elected judicial office; and (d) whether Alabama prison guards who handcuffed an inmate to a hitching post for seven hours are entitled to qualified immunity.

Tonight "How Appealing" will offer a complete summary of today's opinions and other newsworthy developments at the Court. via [How Appealing]

If you are a lawyer and haven't checked out Howard's site, don't hesitate....
10:35:52 AM    

Danish Deep-Link Decision Due

From Wired: "Are websites required to link to a newspaper's online front door, or can they link directly to the story? A judge may rule as early as Monday."

9:44:26 AM    

Apparently I've taken a "juvenile" approach to the law

Or, so says Dan Rosenbaum.  That's cool.  Not everything that juveniles do is bad.  A lot of young kids question the way things are.  Hopefully, that's what Dan meant when he called my approach "juvenile."   Or maybe we are misunderstanding each other.  That's something that both juveniles and adults do from time to time.
9:37:25 AM    

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