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Friday, June 06, 2003

ethicalESQ is a new blog by David Giacalone, who promises a blog with practical treatment of ethics issues.  XML feed available.  Check it out.
10:57:20 PM    

Need more proof that the traditional lines between blogging and journalism are blurring? (and, say, did anyone notice when the lines between news journalism and entertainment started to blur?). I'm referring to Denise Howell's prominent mention in this Wired article called Gag Rules? Bloggers Report Anyway.  

It used to be that bloggers were criticized as vultures who depended on mainstream journalism for their story links.  Now it looks like the mainstream journalists are starting to rely on bloggers.  And if you are going to rely on a blogger then how wrong can you go with Denise?

1:16:00 PM    

I've talked about the flaws in the Matrix Reloaded before and I'm not going to rehash that, or even hyperlink to it, but the thing that really gnawed at me was the sense that the movie could have been so much more dramatic and suspenseful with not much tweaking.  I didn't know quite how to articulate that, but Philip Graham (who is a fiction writer and teaches fiction writing) is able to explain it in this New York Times article.

Amen, brother.

12:53:54 PM    

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