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Monday, June 23, 2003

Instapundit reports on Dick Gephardt's absurd statement about overturning Supreme Court decisions:

"When I'm president, we'll do executive orders to overcome any wrong thing the Supreme Court does tomorrow or any other day "

I agree with Instapundit's assessment that Gephardt may be too stupid to be president, or too cavalier.  When are these guys going to figure out that it isn't just the lazy old media that is taking note of what they are saying?

Later: predictably, we now are in the "explanatory phase" wherein the politician's handlers provide information on what he really meant.  Fortunately, the blogosphere is impervious to this sort of thing.   Unfortunately, we can't say the same thing for the traditional media.  But then they've got smaller (but more entertaining) fish to fry.

9:50:52 PM    

The technology of Courtroom 625 in Philadelphia "helps the court run more efficiently, cutting the time of a seven-day trial down to about four." [Story Link]
9:32:34 PM    

Steve Covell suggests that I may be suffering from a new type of malaise that he terms "the blahgs."  Perhaps I am. 
9:24:38 PM    

I agree with Dahlia Lithwick's views (click link & scroll down) on the recent decision, which are partially set forth in this brief excerpt:

"I remain in favor of affirmative actionóbut not because I think some "critical mass" of three particular minorities so enriched my law school education that the Equal Protection clause ought to have been violated to achieve it. No, I'm for affirmative action for most of the reasons Justice Powell rejected in Bakke and Justice O'Connor rejected today: I think we have past wrongs to remedy in this country, and I believe it's critical that certain minorities achieve leadership roles in our most exalted institutions. (This was, I believe, the cornerstone of the military brief about which everyone got so excited.) But O'Connor's opinion still fails to answer the Hopwood question: If "diversity" is so hellfire important, why not just take more cellists and croupiers or at least more Scots and Canadians? If we only mean racial diversity when we say diversity (or what Justice Thomas' dissent calls "aesthetic diversity"), then let's at least say so."

Go read the whole Slate article (which is actually an exchange of correspondence between Ms. Lithwick and Walter Dellinger begun before the Michigan decision was released).  

9:13:26 PM    

One way is to use a News Aggregator, which is fine if you are really into blogging and like to play with tech stuff.  If you are a casual web surfer then perhaps you should give The Daily Whirl a whirl.   You can pick the news feeds you want to receive and it will tailor its output to your tastes.

Later: many fine readers reminded me that MyDetod is another wonderful source of legal news in one place.

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