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Monday, February 21, 2005

Lots of talk about Blogger Code of Ethics recently

Come as you are, Be honest, We're just Folks. That's how Dave Winer expresses his understanding of the blogger code in his podcast with Tony Kahn

Bloggers Code of Ethics. J.D. Lasica has a great article on OJR about the ethical considerations that bloggers are being faced with more and more these days. Defintely a part of the blogs growing up meme that seems to be running through my aggregator lately.

While they may not have a rulebook, bloggers have evolved a loose-knit set of general tenets. These principles seem to be widely held:

* Disclose, disclose, disclose. Transparency of actions, motives and financial considerations is the golden rule of the blogosphere.
* Follow your passions. Blog about topics you care deeply about.
* Be honest. Write what you believe.
* Trust your readers to form their own judgments and conclusions.
* Reputation is the principal currency of cyberspace. Maintain your independence and integrity lost trust is difficult to regain.

I hope I can get into the blogs evolving idea more later, but I think it's safe to say we've entered a new stage, maybe adolescence as Tom calls it. Early indications are this could be messy, and it's not clear what the adult blogger looks like... [Weblogg-ed News]

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It will be interesting to see if Tom gets into Podcasting either as a consumer or a producer.

"Beyond" iPod?. Susan gave me a fully loaded iPod. WOW! (Our musical tastes coincide.) She loves her iPod. And her various Macs.... [The Tom Peters Weblog]

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Hunter S Thompson missing online years

I had the thought that Hunter S Thompson was blogger like in his methods and style. Does anybody know if he had a blog or not? and why not. Maybe its part of the uneven distribution of the future that is or has been here for a while now.

Marc Canter on Hunter S Thompson and Julie Leung. [Scripting News]

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The links are helpful, I've been meaning to try this with our stuff. I think it might be a much better way to communicate how things work in software. It also helps me explore tags in a real world context relating to something I actually need to learn about.

All about screencasting. I've been getting a lot of email questions about screencasting recently, and I've found myself answering many of them with URLs that retrieve various collections of articles and blog postings I've written over the last year. I should probably write up a FAQ on the topic. Meanwhile, I thought it would be helpful to reorganize what I've already written. To that end, I've reviewed and refined the tags I've been using to collect screencasting-related items. ... [Jon's Radio]

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