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Monday, February 28, 2005

Blogging Alone Daily Audio Browse Febuary 28th 2005

The internet sounds wierd today.


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I'm going to Podcast like its 1994

This article is damping the hype a bit. I don't yet understand the bandwidth mathematics but I sure know there is a lot of spare cycles, they're just distributed unevenly. Isn't that one key hurdle solved by this p2p stuff. It may create a marketplace to auction your extra bandwidth.

Finally a different podcasting piece, one with some IQ points behind it, from the Boston Globe. They didn't write me out of the story and the quotes are accurate. Only major quibble is that podcasting isn't all about making money, as the Web wasn't in 1994, but on the whole it was a refreshing piece, not the usual cookie-cutter article, or Silicon Valley-centric. Thanks! [Scripting News]


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