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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Blogging Alone Daily Audio Browse Febuary 22nd 2005


Febuary 22 text show notes

Test of the emergency podcast system from openpodcast.org 1047 mp3 download. Can't wait to learn more about their work.

Promo from Douglas Scott of Area 51 nice sweeper also from Openpodcast number 1029 mp3

Milo cast mp3 is back with a reading from the intro to Neil Stephenson essay "in the beginning there was the command line" with edits from.

Another cool sweeper from the guy that did the intro sweeper for jans polets hittest. from openpodcast 1035 for Next Gen Games

Little Rudy (also mp3) from Santa Anita with Sunday's pick list. cool stuff.

then new promo for a podcast search tool PodRazor created by Hank at Podcast Mania mp3

Not to forget the background track from Paul Cooper site or feeds found at http://paulcmusic.com/feeds

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