Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Just Kabuki Dancers

The stage is dark and quiet and quiet. A pipe whistles a long, harsh note, then another, and another. A single pop of a drum, and the quiet returns.

A light shines on several people dressed in flowing costumes with bright white makeup and streaks on their faces. They all begin to sing.

four dramatic kabuki faces

Stiiiiiiiiiimulous bill!

BipAAAAAAAAArtisan agreement!


AAAAAAAAAAAAAdjustments downward!

They turn and step on stage in well rehearsed, exaggerated movements, swinging their arms in great circles, holding their bodies at acute angles. We know all this. We've heard the words. We've heard the song. Same as it ever was. The same old words time after time, posturing and scoring points in the old familiar ways.

They're just a bunch of Kabuki dancers hiding behind their white makeup. They're just a bunch of Kabuki dancers acting out the play we all know so well. They're just a bunch of Kabuki dancers, and it evidently hasn't occurred to them that for once something different is called for.

Kabuki Masks art: Marco Almera

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