Friday, February 13, 2009

Packing for His Trip

Ok, so he did clean his room. And he took his Government test at the community college. And he went to the bank and deposited his check and got a printout of his 1099. And he did clean his bathroom which desperately needed it, including the mirror which I would have left to another time. And he did do several loads of his laundry, even folding and putting away some of it. And he gave the dog a bath, telling him he was a good boy.

What the heck. He can go to the gym, right? He knows he needs to pack for his college visit. He knows he's leaving at the crack of dawn and that we need to wake up even earlier. So cut him some slack, right?

And now I'm sitting here and it's 10pm, and he's not home yet. And now it's 10:30, and still no sign of him.

What's he thinking!?

He needs to be at the airport before the taco shacks will open for breakfast. His step-mother made all the arrangements for this trip. And his aunt is driving across the tundra, mile after mile, to get him at the airport and show him around Philadelphia. And he doesn't even seem to know that he's got to pack and get some sleep!!

And now, I hear a car pull up and a door slam. And the front door opens, and he comes in and says, Halloo! And he pets the dog. And he sits down on the couch and listens to Trudy give him some instructions about I don't know what. And now he's in his room packing.

So what on earth was I getting so bent out of shape about?

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