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Sunday, March 02, 2003

I spent most of the weekend setting up and playing with my music studio.  A while back I bought a whole bunch of gear and its been sort of thrown together enough to play a little bit, but not completely set up.  Now I've got it all connected and wired and wonderful.  At the heart I have a G4 running Digital Performer.  I bought a used OB-12 synth but I'm not sure I like it yet.  Having some trouble learning how to program it.. Benny moved to NYC a couple weeks ago so he brought me back my Juno 106 and TR-707.  That was the main inspiration for getting everything up on line again.  I also just got a copy of MAX!  Next on the list for software is Ableton Live and perhaps some virtual synth like Reason or Reaktor.  Back when I was in school I predicted this would happen - software synthesis then took hours to hear a few seconds of sound - and now its all possible in real time on a laptop.

I've been dying to get back into this stuff for years.  I don't know why I let it get so far away from me.  Must have been all those startups.  My old theory was that I would get a decent day job and that could help me make a living while I worked on my art.  And then before long the art slipped away and got lost.  Time to get it back.

7:46:40 PM    

XML, SOAP and Binary Data: Well worth reading through.  I brought up exactly the issues discussed regarding WS-Attachments when I was last out at Microsoft.  We were talking about WS-Routing and WS-Security and I kind of went.. wait!  How do we deal with DIME now?  What happens when I want to encrypt and sign attachments?  And a WS-Routing aware endpoint implicitly must handle DIME.  Yuck.

6:30:56 PM    

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