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Saturday, March 08, 2003

After a Fall/Winter of pretty much all work and no play, I found that I gained some weight.  I need to get my weight down a bit to have the power-weight ratio that I need for staying competitive in the local bike racing scene.  After the first week of following my diet plan I've already lost 2 lbs.  That's probably too aggressive and its always hard to balance training and losing weight, since you need to eat to build muscle.  I've gotten good at this though, ever since I lost 30 lbs on the John Burkhardt diet plan.  Here is how it works:

  1. No cheese, beer, ice cream, pizza, chinese food or chocolate allowed.
  2. When you eat out cut the portions in half.
  3. Ride your bike (insert exercise of choice here) at least 10 hours/week.
  4. Eat a bigger breakfast and a smaller dinner.
  5. Get used to feeling hungry all the time.
  6. If you start getting dizzy eat something (but no candy!!).
  7. Drink lots of water.

Pretty soon the pounds will start shedding off, and you'll lose weight.  Does it sound hard?  Its damn hard.  But I've got to beat the Jan Ullrich syndrome somehow!  Now, Lance says he is already a month ahead of his schedule for his target TDF weight, but he had to make even more sacrifices than me - and I suppose he is getting paid a bit more than I am as a cyclist these days too!

11:50:15 AM    

I've been running FM RadioStation for all of about 2 minutes and I can already say this is the way I will blog from this day forward.  Its another shining example of why I hate having applications that run in a browser.  A browser is great for getting documents, but not great for building smart, rich applications.  No need for one of these new 3-pane news aggregators that keep popping up all over the place.  No need to worry about accidently clicking a link on my Radio edit page and blowing away my current post.  I like it!  My only complaint is that there was no mention of price or anything until the splash screen showed up.  Didn't even notice cost on the FAQ.  Cool stuff though.
8:09:46 AM    

Sam Ruby offers some feedback on a recent SOAP vs. REST article.  I have to weigh in a bit here, having just finished a wholehearted attempt to build a RESTful SOAP implementation.  Did I come close?

The 'O' in SOAP is a misnomer.  We know this now.  I didn't know it when I first looked into SOAP.  I assumed it was just another DCOM/CORBA.  Then I read the spec.  It is a message format, and one that most of us can agree on.  People are trying to build in distributed object semantics into their platform and language of choice.  But that's not SOAP.  That uses SOAP to get the message from one machine to another in a format all our tools can agree on.  We are using toolkits to map SOAP on both endpoints to make it look like our familiar world but that's all an abstraction of choice.

7:46:44 AM    

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