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  Saturday, June 1, 2002

From the "Losing your religion?" department
See if your beliefs match your religion--or vice-versa: "Belief-o-Matic" [Daypop Top 40]
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Links to more tools:

A review and list of RSS news aggregators, which can of course be linked to here:

Jon Udell: Personal RSS Aggregators. [Dave Winer: Radio UserLand]


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And another tool:

A new macro and howto shows Radio users how to add a link element to weblog and category home pages, pointing to their associated RSS feeds. The equivalent feature is also available for Manila. [Dave Winer: Radio UserLand]


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Radio-based presentation tool:

Here's a tool I'll have to check out:

"Radio.Outliners.Com : The RadioPoint Tool" [Daypop Top 40]

Anything to avoid using PowerPoint!


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