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  Thursday, June 13, 2002


Isaac Asimov. "Never let your sense of morals get in the way of doing what's right." [Quotes of the Day]

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Mr. Rogers goes to Dartmouth (again)-

"Mr. Rogers' Dartmouth College Commencement address" [Daypop Top 40]

Remember, his first name's Fred.

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Someone in Hollywood gets it

Doc Searls points to Jonathan Mays quoting Dan Fendel of the Directors Guild of America stating that what "they" (Hollywood, directors, actors, whoever) sell is "attention span." But what's more interesting is Dan's statements later in his speech, summarized here:

". . . as we go through the learning curve of this new economy, the way we come out on the other side will only slightly resemble where we've been, and the paradigm will change irrevocably.

As in 'Forever.'"

Dan gets it. The paradigm is shifting, the demands of consumers are changing, the technology is overtaking the dinosaurs of Hollywood, and anyone who doesn't start adapting today--yesterday-- will be left behind selling pencils on the streetcorner. Except no one will know what to do with a pencil.

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Information design, and other disciplines--

Browsing the blog links from STC's Information Design SIG, I ran into some interesting thoughts from Lou Rosenfeld. Lou is the author of a well-respected book from O'Reilly, Information Architecture for the World Wide Web (and he's working on the 2nd edition). Lou attended both CHI2002 and STC's annual conference, and noted the no one in STC used the term "experience design." OTOH, experience design was all over the IBM Make IT Easy conference that I attended last week (more on that RSN).


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