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  Monday, August 5, 2002

Zappa's cosmology

Dave Winer happily reminds us of Frank Zappa's theory of the universe.

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50 years of Mad

Mad magazine, a staple of my youth, turns 50 years old this year, same as yours truly.

Read more here at Wired News.

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Take me to our leader

In this morning's news, a report that W. is going to give us all a pep talk in the context of meeting with the nine Pennsylvania miners. Does anyone think this is leadership?

The San Jose Mercury News asked its readers a coupla weeks back to comment on W's speeches to Wall Street and investigations into corporate evil. I'm not a big letter-to-the-editor writer, but I wrote, and the Merc printed my letter at the top of the printed responses.

Here it is (as I wrote it):

In response to your questions on the Opinion pages of the Monday, 7/15/02 edition:

No, Bush has neither the credibility nor the moral authority to make demands of American corporations. His speeches are no better than sick jokes.

It doesn't matter if Democrats are pursuing the Harken issue for revenge--they are right to ask the questions, and we have a right to credible answers.

No, the SEC lacks a chairman who can be trusted to objectively investigate Halliburton; the SEC doesn't even have enough commissioners to bring an action and make it stick (e.g., Ernst & Young's work with PeopleSoft). (Full disclosure: I work for PeopleSoft.)

If Bush wants our trust and respect, he can start by releasing all records of last year's energy policy task force, headed by oil executive Dick Cheney, directed by Enron. Of course, then he might face impeachment or recall.

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Henry Kissinger. "Ninety percent of the politicians give the other ten percent a bad reputation." [Quotes of the Day]
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