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  Thursday, August 8, 2002

Vacation time

I'm off to Lake Tahoe for a week of vacation, driving up tomorrow with Warren. I'll take a stack of books and another stack of jazz CDs, and spend the week playing music I never get to listen to, and reading books there's never time for. Hoping to get through at least one book of Lord of the Rings before the The Two Towers comes out in December! And maybe some Douglas Adams as well.

There'll be no blogging in the meantime.

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Fun with Linux

For reasons that shall remain deep background, son Warren arrived for a few weeks of summer with Dad sans his usual complement of laptop, boombox, DVDs, CDs, and so on. This created an instant competition for use of my primary computer (a Windows 2000 box). Rather than relegate Warren to the world of the computerless, I dragged out an old low-powered box I'd acquired nearly four years ago as a Linux trainer, loaded up Red Hat 7.2, and let Warren loose with it.

We climbed the learning curve together, adding a sound card, loading sound software, exploring the file manager, adding GAIM so he can chat with friends. Then we added games--four titles from the defunct Loki stable, at $10 each (that's four games for the price of one Windows title!). He's pleased, he learned something about Linux, we worked together to solve a problem. A winner all around.


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