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  Saturday, August 24, 2002

Tara Sue Rocks

Ed Cone says:

The most-read Radio weblog of the day, with over 6,000 page views...Tara Grubb.

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More copy-right:

Tara Sue's rapidly becoming the darling of the weblog crowd, and the nemesis of a certain clueless Congressperson: ""They're already calling her the Weblog Candidate."" [Daypop Top 40] Dan Gillmor opines that his Sunday column is already out of date due to all the coverage.


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I'm sending money. First time I've ever given $$s to a candidate. Ever. And I've been voting since 1970. But I want a bumper sticker!

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Copyright, copywrong

Finally, the artists are checking in on the subject of copyright and the rapid degradation of user's rights at the behest of Hollywood. Does anyone really believe Hilary and Jack when they pretend to be concerned with their artists? I don't. Publishers routinely short authors on their royalties. So do record companies--I've seen statistics claiming that 95% of recording artists are shorted on their royalties. This isn't about the artists, it's about maintaining a dinosaur industry. See to Janis Ian's statements, mentioned earlier in this blog. See Wil Wheaton's statement. Right on!

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