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  Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Dan Gillmor points to Udell's Infoworld column on the benefits of Firefox (which I am using at this moment to edit this blog):
Firefox May be Better, But Internet Explorer is Entrenched. Jon Udell says Firefox fills the IE void by being a better browser than Microsoft's Internet Explorer, which has stagnated since Microsoft destroyed serious competition in the browser business. I use it, too,but unfortunately it doesn't fill the void at all. [Dan Gillmor's eJournal]
While yesterday, Mike Langberg at the SJ Mercury said nice things about Opera. And strangely enough, IE has gone south on me--in the last few days it has flat refused to open new windows from links, neither popups nor new windows. Very odd. As a result, I'm near to abandoning IE for most purposes. It has been my default, just because some sites work better in it, but the benefits are now outweighed by the drawbacks. Maybe I'll move back to Opera, although Firefox is filling the bill so far.

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Adobe turns its back on Mac again. The software maker plans to drop the Mac version of its FrameMaker publishing software.  [CNET]

Not that I ever used FrameMaker on the Mac--although I own Frame 7 for Windows, I actually haven't had occasion to use it since leaving the old Vantive office of PeopleSoft--but it's troubling to see it's availability dwindling. Adobe released a trial version of Frame for Linux about four years ago, but it never flew--again, the market was just too small.

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What to do about outsourcing. Street Tech's Paul Lamb says being laissez-faire is not the answer. But will government and the private sector be up to the task? [CNET]

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"Now is the time for all good men to come to."
Walt Kelly.  [Quotes of the Day]

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