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  Friday, February 27, 2004

We had a dandy little chapter meeting last night in Sunnyvale, at which STC Region 8 director/sponsor Bonni Graham presented for over an hour on how we can learn to talk the language that our managers -- and their managers -- talk when it comes time to justify our salaries. Or adjust budgets. Or decide whether to send work offshore. We heard about COGS and ROI and such like accounting terms, and learned some of the buzzwords that make beancounters and CEOs smile. Bonni's presentation was well-received--several attendees said it was the most informative talk they'd heard in a long time. The slides will be available at Bonni's website real soon now:, look for "Corporate 101."
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Feeling blue? Maybe it's your cubicle. A survey of office workers reveals that many people feel disappointed or embarrassed by their work space. Nine percent wouldn't want their mother to see where they work. [CNET - Front Door]

Disappointed, embarrassed, or even depressed? But come on, who's responsible for the state of your cube besides you? OK, there's no privacy, and no window, but if it's messy isn't that your fault?

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Mike Taht advises that he's having a shindig this weekend at his place up in Lompico, one of those backwoodsy spots outside of Santa Cruz:

I just wanted to pass along an invite to what promises to be a spanking good party at my place this weekend.

Blog about it is at: and invite is at:

Hope you can make it.

If you're in the neighborhood, check it out--sounds like a hoot.

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