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  Thursday, February 19, 2004

I got these from the Silicon Valley Mac Users Group (SVMUG) mail list, then Jenny came up with web site that includes them: haiku-like error messages. Regardless of source, they're fun:

1.      The web site you seek cannot be located, but countless more exist.
2.      Chaos reigns within.  Reflect, repent, and reboot.  Order shall return.
3.      Program aborting:  Close all that you have worked on.  You ask far too much.
4.      Windows NT crashed.  I am the Blue Screen of Death.  No one hears your screams.
5.      Yesterday, it worked.  Today, it is not working.  Windows is like that.
6.      Your file was so big.  It might be very useful.  But, now it is gone.
7.      Stay the patient course.  Of little worth is your ire.  The network is down.
8.      A crash reduced your expensive computer to a simple stone.
9.      Three things are certain:  Death, taxes, and lost data. Guess which has occurred.
10.      You step in the stream, but the water has moved on.  This page is not here. . . .
11.      Out of memory.  We wish to hold the whole sky, but we never will.
12.      Having been erased, the document you are seeking must now be retyped.
13.      Serious error:  All shortcuts have disappeared.  Screen. Mind.  Both are blank.

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Go to, search for BabesAgainstBush. This blog comes up #1, ahead of . . .

Go figure.

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This year marks the 50th anniversary of Allen Ginsberg's "Howl," one of my all-time favorite poems. It's so much fun to read--I can start out reading it silently to myself, but I'm reading out loud, loudly, before I'm through. "Howl" and Eliot's "The Waste Land" are two poems that I keep coming back to.

See this commentary by Jonah Raskin at the L.A. Times for more on "Howl" history; intrusive site registration required, but use "freethepresses" as user ID and password, and see Amy Gahran for some background on that registration combination.

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