Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Monkeytime: 9 reasons John Edwards will drop out of the presidential race by Christmas.

Maybe, although Stinging Nettle is right that someone will have to emerge as the Anti-Dean Democrat.

But some of Monkey’s criticism is right on the mark. “Turning your back on the Net, without any kind of grassroots structure in place? Now there's a can't-win situation no amount of TV time can cure.”

Sad but true. 

I keep watching and waiting for the Edwards campaign to do something to light a spark. Anything. The Web is an obvious solution to at least some of their problems. Is it possible that these people really do not understand the Internet at all?

Here's a hint, fellas: It’s that big stick Howard Dean is beating the crap out of you with.

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Just a few months late, the Baseball Boys Club announces its membership drive. As I've said, they've got a tough fight ahead of them.

I didn't go to the press conference, to which like every other Action Greensboro event in history I was not invited. Media geniuses, they are.  

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Tar Heel Democrat smack-down! Stinging Nettle's riposte to Monkeytime's promised post about Edwards, plus his take on Blue, Bowles, and Elaine (I beat Richard Petty) Marshall.

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