Thursday, August 28, 2003

Whining works.

The Edwards campaign finally got back to me about the questions I’ve submitted and resubmitted in the last several weeks on Web strategy, if only to say “We’re not quite ready to make anything public (and you’ve clearly heard that we’ve got some folks testing things for us) but you’re in for a real treat.  We’ve got some cool stuff.”

I wrote back that I already know more than that from the comments at my own blog: “It is a weblog with input from multiple state web coordinators. It's also a coordinated effort, a la Dean, to post to multiple weblogs with references back to the page. It's more interactive than the website.”

Their turn.

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Never forget.

If we are fighting a larger war on terror, doesn’t the body count start with the 3,000 or so killed on 9/11, not with the military casualties since the major fighting stopped in Baghdad, or in Afghanistan? Isn’t that the context?

Above, links to two columns I wrote in the year after 9/11. One is about my friends who died, and their families who survived; the other is about my wife’s cousin Quentin, a reluctant hero.

Invading Iraq when we did and how we did was not my preference, but it is the policy we are pursuing. We’ve got to succeed. This isn’t a matter of revenge. It’s not bringing anyone’s husband or father back to life. But as the anniversary approaches, let’s remember what started this whole thing.

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