Tuesday, January 06, 2004

I subsciribed to the new who-subscribes-to-which-blogs service right after I cleaned out my aggregator, so I guess I'm showing the world right now that I'm just a huge Adam Curry fan. Which I am, just not quite as much as this Adam-centric view might suggest.

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A white paper, "Lessons Nonprofits Can Learn from the Dean for America Presidential Campaign," from Convio, a key software vendor to the campaign (registration required).

"Supporters will recruit others if they have easy-to-use Internet tools for doing so."

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Romenesko picks up on the spat between the News & Record and supporters of the late Michael King's Project Homestead.
Meanwhile, Rhino Times editor John Hammer blames the City of Greensboro for helping cause King's death.
Now that King has died, I have no doubt that the city audit will find some discrepancies. Since it appears that the city contributed to his death by demanding the audit, it can hardly audit the books for months, hire outside contractors to help and then concede that King was right and everything was in tiptop shape.
Say this for Hammer's "journalism" on King: he's loyal to his friends. Yet it's curiously unheartwarming -- and highly unconvincing -- to see the pit bull of Greensboro politics excuse and explain every allegation of wrongdoing against King. I'm sure some of Hammer's previous victims would have liked to get the same treatment.

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Thomas Boswell: "Before you forgive Pete Rose for stealing the china, you should always count the silverware."

Rose belongs in Cooperstown, where his plaque should mention his gambling on baseball and suspension from the game. His name should be enshrined as Charlie Hustle(r).

Yes, his "apology" is lame, mercenary, and incomplete. Yes, he slimed a lot of people over the years by calling them liars when he was the liar. Yes, a regular gambler who doesn't bet on his team to win is effectively saying that he expects them to lose.

But being an asshole is not a disqualification for the Hall of Fame.

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