Sunday, January 25, 2004

Radio daze: don't forget Chris Lydon's political blogging extravaganza, tonight at 9 eastern. If it's not on your public radio station, you can listen on the Web by clicking the "listen live" link near the top of the MPR page.

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What do you do when your candidate says something you don't agree with?

At Erskine Blogs, I discuss my problems with a quote attributed to Bowles about his total opposition to same-sex marriages.

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Tom Friedman on the economic backwardness of the Muslim heartland: "(A)t Google's headquarters in Silicon Valley...they have this really amazing electronic global map that shows, with lights, how many people are using Google to search for knowledge. The region stretching from Morocco to the border of India had almost no lights."

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The Internet is overrated as a campaign tool.

The Internet is an essential campaign tool.

John Edwards has some grit.

These and other lessons from Iowa in this morning's newspaper column. The lag time between writing and publishing for print has never seemed longer -- it's really frustrating.

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