Friday, January 09, 2004

Carolina Progressive wants the News & Record to beef up its online editions: "You guys have a really nice site, but almost no articles. What's up?"

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David Hoggard: "the situation surrounding amatuer basketball in East Greensboro is heating quickly to a rolling boil...According to the side of the story that I heard tonight, the core of this brewing controversy has...everything to do with the usual issues of City Government... power, politics, race and money."

Hoggard also notes a downside of having a real estate broker as your City Council rep: "oft-recused City Councilman Robbie Perkins...represents the District where the development is proposed, so the affected neighborhoods will have no direct representation in this matter."

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Tim O'Reilly on the Feb. 9 Digital Democracy Teach-In: "We actually moved eTech to this earlier date (from its usual April time slot) because we wanted to have the Teach-In early enough in the campaign season to help make a difference in getting people involved."

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Win with Edwards, a volunteer-generated adjunct to the Edwards blog that focuses on local organizing, will soon have its fullscale launch.

The critical South Carolina site announces a meeting on Saturday in Columbia between campaign staffers and volunteers.

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"(B)logging is a philosophy of information exchange," says Mark Schreiner, Raleigh bureau chief of the Wilmingon Star-News, in a thoughtful feature on Sid Stafford, aka Silflay Hraka, and his decision to post Holocaust photos at his weblog.

I'm hoping Mark will start a weblog as part of his coverage of this year's NC gubernatorial race. Like a sports reporter on a good beat, journalists covering interesting campaigns should have way more material than they can ever get into their papers, along with an audience hungry for details. Why papers aren't rushing to create, brand, and market beat blogs is beyond me.

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It's snowing outside, raining inside. My office in this 85-year-old former factory building has one of its periodic ceiling leaks, but it's precipitating from the usual place so nothing of value was under it to get wet. The drip of water into a plastic trashcan is accompanied by the patter of drops on newspaper -- it's really quite nice. Through the hundred-odd square feet of windows facing me I can see the snowy rooftop of an old house on Lee Street and more snow coming down. Was it just Monday that I was writing about the warm weather?

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Bill James is a better judge of numbers than of character: as recently as this summer, the baseball guru was dissing MLB's case that Pete Rose gambled on baseball.

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