Monday, October 04, 2004

Frograbbitmonkey adjusts to law school: "I'm studying with a hangover for the first time. Actually, I'm not studying yet but I will be in about 15 minutes and unless something miraculous happens, I assume this hangover will still be with me."

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The BizJournal continues to track the possible location of a Dell plant in the Triad, which if it happens will be the largest economic story of whatever year it happens in.

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Global Guerrillas: Will Negroponte outsource Iraq counterinsurgency to paramilitary groups?

"The secret sauce of US counter-insurgency efforts in the post-Vietnam era are loosely controlled loyalist paramilitaries. This policy option is now very likely under consideration given the recent appointment of John Dimitri Negroponte as the Ambassador to Iraq. Negroponte was the Ambassador of Honduras during the establishment of the Contras and other Central American paramilitaries...

...However, there are some negative consequences we can expect if this option is selected..."

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An impressive package on the Matisse Picasso et al show, perpetrated by the News & Observer, including feature article by Michelle Natale, a look at the NCMA's ambitions by Craig Jarvis, plus a primer on post-impressionism, a roster of artists in the show, and images.

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Glenn Reynolds posts on his corrections policy. What do other bloggers do?

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WSJ (not posted): "(T)hanks to blogs, XML -- in the form of RSS -- has finally arrived. This real XML revolution, though, is nothing like the stolid, corporate, rather dull affair that was first predicted."

"The blogging phenomenon illustrates how some very smart people ended up being both very right and very wrong about a future just beyond the horizon."

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Tim Chavez apologizes for his column on Iraq. That's the way to do business.

Chavez: "I must apologize to readers for being wrong in Wednesday's column and to the journalists I impugned with an unnecessary political message.

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Jeff Thigpen: "I've never seen a business plan from our Register of Deeds office since I've been a commissioner."

Thigpen has been blogging the issues of late in his race for Register of Deeds. I don't know if anyone's paying attention, but he's laying out a case.

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Michelle Malkin's porous defense of internment gets a thrashing from the Wall Street Journal. As quoted by Eric Muller: "Ms. Malkin's narrative works against her argument."

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Breakfast-table consensus: "Grasshoppers" is a lame name for a baseball team.

I think using green as a team color makes sense. Rebranding for the new stadium, ditto. But based on our polling sample (ages 10, 13, 42, and (if you count the implied consent of the dog, 2)) this is not a home run.

I also found the boosterish above-the-fold front page package in the morning paper to be unseemly.

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A productive trip to Chicago, capped with a visit to the Art Institute. A six-across Airbus to GSO, almost every seat occupied, biggest plane I've taken here in years.

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