Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Hardball in the Senate. Mabye Libby's indictment wasn't quite the end of this thing, huh?

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At 7:48 this morning I posted about a possible nuclear plant at Belews Creek, noting that I had some concerns about it.

At 3:03 this afternoon I got an email from Eric McErlain, who blogs for the Nuclear Energy Institute, a trade association for the nuclear industry. Eric offers to answer specific questions, so if you have some questions or concerns, email them to me or leave a comment below, and I'll send them along.

Update: Emily Litella says, Never Mind.

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OK, I'm almost dug out from the post-ConvergeSouth pileup. Finished two features for the day job. Nearly done with a newspaper column. Now I just need to file expenses for the conference and for work, make some overdue fundraising calls for a volunteer job, finish setting up my new TypePad blog before the free trial expires, edit Dan Gillmor's ZD column, write a speech that I'm supposed to deliver Monday night, get serious about my next feature for the day job, begin an intense round of interviews for a search committee I'm on, finish an op-ed submission I've had in mind for six months...hmm, maybe I'm not through digging.

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DarkTimes: Kristof ("What Did Cheney Know, and When Did He Know It?") calls on Cheney to quit if he won't talk about the Plame case.

"A federal indictment charges that criminality swirled around your office, and it demeans this administration and the entire country when you hide in your bunker and refuse to say whether you knew of any such activities."

Kicker: "If you're afraid to say what you knew, and when you knew it, then you should resign."

Tierney tries to laugh the whole thing off with an awards presentation ("Let's Have a Big Hand For..."). Scooter is a big big liar. But Scooter is such a funny name! Wilson: bad. Plame: Not so secret agent. Etc.

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A nice article by Jim Schlosser in this morning's N&R about Ed Loewenstein and his legacy of modern architecture.

One of his hidden gems is the house he designed for my grandparents on Rockford Road, one of the earliest built in Browntown; more traditional than his own home or the one he designed for Leah and Jack Tannenbaum, but beautiful and unique. How fortunate that Greensboro uncharacteristically failed to tear down the old library he built, which will now house the Elon law school.

My sister and I spent a lot of happy hours at Franny and Ed's house as kids. I remember him practicing for a spear-fishing trip in his pool -- how cool is that when you're six?

Good to see his work getting the respect it deserves.

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N&R: Nuclear site a possibility near Triad.

I'm not opposed to nuclear power, but I'll probably yell NIMBY if Duke Power tries to put a nuke plant on Belews Creek.

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