Thursday, November 03, 2005

Marty Nathan responds to last night's apology by former neo-Nazi (and 1979 gunman) Roland Wayne Wood.

This could be interesting: "In discussion with Greensboro citizens he speaks of his relationship with undercover Bureau of Alcohol and Firearms agent Bernard Butkovich who also encouraged him to participate but then was himself absent from the gathering in Greensboro...We are gratified that he is willing to testify to the Greensboro Truth and Reconciliation and hope that he does shed himself of all the secrets that have been his over the years."

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Anyone want to help me import 5,000 Radio posts to TypePad? The Help files send me here, but that doesn't do me much good...I'm pretty much ready to launch the new site, but I would like to bring the old one along...

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Paris: La merde frappe le ventilateur.

Lots of immigrants to France end up in the grim suburbs of Paris. Many of these people are from former French colonies in North Africa -- it's been said there are more practicing Muslims in France than practicing Catholics -- and racial and religious tensions run high. That's the backdrop for the riots that have shaken Paris for the last week.

Years ago Lisa and I had dinner with a 16th-arrondissement doyenne who chastised us for America's treatment of black people. I asked if the French didn't have similar issues with the "beurs," as French slang identifies the children of these immigrants from the Maghreb.

"That's different," she said. "They steal and they smell."

This has been a long time coming.

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Things to do in Greensboro tonight:

Check out the Loewenstein Legacy lectures on modern architecture and preservation,  Weatherspoon Museum, 7 PM. (Free and open to public)

Catch a Speech by Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu, Guilford College. (sold out)

Watch Meet John Doe, with Gary Cooper, The Scene on South Elm ($3)

Watch Survivor with Sydney. (invitation only)

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Gary Pearce and Carter Wrenn are blogging about politics.

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DarkTimes: Herbert ("Secrets and Shame") ledes with a prophecy: "Ultimately the whole truth will come out and historians will have their say, and Americans will look in the mirror and be ashamed."

He's talking about this: "The latest story from the Dante-esque depths of this administration was front-page news in The Washington Post yesterday. The reporter, Dana Priest, gave us the best glimpse yet of the extent of the secret network of prisons in which the C.I.A. has been hiding and interrogating terror suspects. The network includes a facility at a Soviet-era compound in Eastern Europe."

More: "This is the border along which democracy bleeds into tyranny."

Brooks does a MoDo impression, but the column-as-political-cartoon schtick doesn't really suit him. His conceit is that Harry Reid is a crazy conspiracy theorist, because lots of people back to the Clinton years thought Saddam had WMD, so this cooked-intelligence stuff is just wacky. "Harry Reid sits alone at his kitchen table at 4 a.m., writing important notes in crayon on the outside of envelopes," ledes Brooks, a line he repeats over and again in "The Harry da Reid Code."

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Lots of people are talking about Maureen Dowd's lonely-hearts piece in the Times mag, few with more attitude than Chris Nolan, who thinks Dowd misses the way we live now: "Mo doesn't do porn, wax or sex for that matter. In a world of on-line hook-ups and sex chat, and Friendster, she's still trying to figure out who's paying for dinner. Like all sex takes place at night after a good meal."

No doubt women still make a lot of trade-offs in this world. I'm married to one of them, a cum laude Ivy League grad and former Forbes reporter who has spent the last several years as a full-time mom. You tell her she sacrificed her principles to do that. Then, duck.

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Coble, Miller, and Watt all voted against free speech on the Internet.

Email your congressman and tell him you want to blog without Federal regulation.

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26 years later, a former Klan leader apologizes to Marty Nathan for his role in the 11/3/79 Greensboro killings.

A community dialogue sponsored by the Truth & Reconciliation Commission will be held on Saturday at Mt. Zion Baptist Church on Alamance Church Rd. This is the thing the Mayor said he might attend.

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