Friday, November 04, 2005

Troublemaker: When a cop gets shot.

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Chewie went to see Desmond Tutu at Guilford. I urge you to read her report.

She opens with a quote from the Archbishop Emeritus: "It is a privilege to come to this city, the first in this country to have a Truth and Reconciliation Commission, embodying the theme of reconciling love. The world salutes Greensboro."

Read the whole thing.

More from Jay Ovittore and Hardy Floyd.

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DarkTimes: Krugman ("Defending Imperial Nudity") retells The Emporer's New Clothes as a tale of WMD:

The talk-show host Bill O'Reilly yelled, "Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!" at the little boy. Calling the boy a nut, he threatened to go to the boy's house and "surprise" him.

Fox News repeatedly played up possible finds of imperial clothing, then buried reports discrediting these stories. Months after the naked procession, a poll found that many of those getting most of their news from Fox believed that the emperor had in fact been clothed.

Imperial officials eventually admitted that they couldn't find any evidence that the suit ever existed, or that there had even been an effort to produce a suit. They insisted, however, that they had found evidence of wardrobe-manufacturing-and-distribution-related program activities.


Kicker: "And they all lived happily ever after -- in the story. Here in reality, a large and growing number are being killed by roadside bombs."

Friedman ("From Gunpowder to the Next Big Bang") says China is moving toward a new phase in its economy: "China is focusing on how to transform its classrooms so students become more innovative." Cultural obstacles remain, but Microsoft is already finding talent there, and a flood of venture capital may follow.

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The N&R steps up its coverage of the Truth & Reconciliation process with this solid story by Margaret Banks. The headline, "Truth panel sees signs of healing," is an improvement, too.

A community dialogue sponsored by the Truth & Reconciliation Commission will be held on Saturday at Mt. Zion Baptist Church on Alamance Church Rd. This is the thing the Mayor said he might attend.

Background links here.

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