Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Wireless Internet service coming to South Elm St.

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It's not blogging if you don't blog. Bruce Davis started a site -- or had one started for him -- and even got some publicity in the newspaper. It's got to be organic and user-driven if it's going to work.

This happened with Yvonne Johnson, too.

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Thoughtcrimes reads the News & Record.

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Blue NC is a progressive blog based in the Triangle. They're looking for good bloggers from elsewhere in this great state, too.

Interesting stuff about Liddy Dole and Sue Myrick.

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Luna and I walked down to Fincastle's, where a friend prevailed upon me to try the fried pickles. They are remarkably good.

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This morning, the cook served poached eggs. The children were most appreciative. Is there a finer method of egg preparation? I think not.

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Josh Marshall: The Italian Connection, Part II

In which we follow the (alleged) path of the forged documents from an Italian intelligence officer to the press...

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DarkTimes: Dowd says Scooter's replacements are "not an improvement." One, David Addington, she describes as "an ideologue who is so fanatically secretive, so in love with the shadows, so belligerent and unyielding that he's known around town as the Keyser Soze of the usual suspects." Another, John Hannah, "was the contact for Ahmad Chalabi, who went around the C.I.A. to feed Vice's office the baloney intel and rosy scenarios that suckered the U.S. into war."

The column, headlined "Chain, Chain, Chain of Cheney Fools," argues that the Bush administration is self-destructively insular in its personnel choices. "This is not loyalty. This is myopia. Where is a meddling, power-intoxicated first lady when we need one?"

Friedman ("China's Little Green Book") bangs the environmental drum yet again. "In China, conservation is not a 'personal virtue,' as Dick Cheney would say. Today it is a necessity. It was so polluted in Beijing the other day you could not make out buildings six blocks away. That's the bad news. Here's the good news: China's leaders and business community know it. They know that as China grows more prosperous, and more Chinese buy homes and cars, it must urgently adopt green technologies; otherwise, it will destroy its environment and its people. Green technology will decide whether China continues on its current growth path or chokes itself to death. So green innovation is starting to mushroom in China."

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Quelle connerie a Paris.

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