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Wednesday, November 6, 2002

Iain Banks:The Business

Just about finished this book - finally!

Bought it on Ian's suggestion.

It's not bad by any means - but I'm having a hard time figuring out what's happening. Something about a global shadow company that isn't evil doing things... i dunno.

Anyway - 20 pages left. I really don't know what's going on so this isn't much of a review. tough luck for you.
9:09:43 PM    

Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X

I read a little article a while ago - "even you can do it". He's right too. Not much software is really all that interesting - it just happens to have been built by someone who really wanted it.

I took one look at NetNewsWire and thought - this is running on top of UNIX?


I want in.

In that pursuing that effort - I just finished up 'Cocoa Programming' to get some skills tuned up to do some programming on OS X.

Great tutorial book - and I hate almost everything as my friends can attest to. I highly recommend grabbing the Hillegass book if you want to learn how to write Cocoa apps.

I haven't looked at "Learning Cocoa" by James Duncan Davidson but I can tell you that on the Apple dev mailing lists - he's a really swell guy and from the pages that I've skimmed on my Safari account - 'Learning Cocoa' looks pretty good too.

happy hacking!
9:01:24 PM    

kneejerk reaction picture of the day:

it's funny if you're nerdish.

Oh - took down the comments from the blog. Too irritated with the performance hit.
4:28:37 PM    

Terrifica does carry pepper spray in her utility belt, which also includes a cell phone, lipstick, a camera to take pictures of alleged male predators, a logging book, [...] last but not least [~] Smarties candies.[]

oookay... superheroine in New York that saves drunk women in bars.

i have no words for this...
4:16:24 PM    

A picture named pythoncook_icon.gifA picture named pracintgr_icon.gifA picture named learncocoa2_icon.gifA picture named aplscptian_icon.gif

I'm not quite sure how many people know or use O'Reilly's Safari online book service- but you should. Reading books online is a pain in the ass, but the cost is so much lower. And you won't have to worry that someone doesn't forget that the copy of "Perl Cookbook" on their desk is YOURS and not theirs.

Me? Bitter? Nah...
3:38:16 PM    

27 years ago today, I was inflicted onto the planet to yell at stupid people and smack my own head when I was stupid.

Liz made me a nice big breakfast today. Mmm... meat products....
10:05:58 AM    

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