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Saturday, November 23, 2002

Ok folks - if I wasn't clear the last time, here's the lowdown on the Canada411 Sherlock channel.

  • You need a Mac to run this puppy. If you hav a Unix box that says "Linux" when you type 'uname -a' on the command line - you're out of luck.
  • If you have a Windows box - you're out of luck.
  • If you are running on something prior to OS X 10.2 then you are out of luck.

So for most of you - tough luck.

For the the 1 remaining reader - the Canada411 channel is just a little glue that binds the Bell sympatico Canada411 service to Mapquest. You punch in a name, and a city- out pops a list of search hits from 411.

Click on any row and the HTML preview will show you the results from Canada411.

Double click on a row and your webbrowser will launch into Mapquest with a map of the location.

Here is a screenshot.

This is a first release beta, there are bugs (province is always Ontario, >25 table items doesn't work). The UI is still ugly and unrefined - but the basics work right now.

The URL to load the channel is sherlock://

Oh one more thing- about the provinces not working for anything other than Ontario. This is a bug in the Sherlock XQuery bridge to Cocoa. Now normally I'd bitch and whine about how much this sucks - but Apple has really been great at helping me diagnose and fix this bug.

Jessica Kahn has been really wonderful with answering all my questions on the mailing list.

Hey Java folks - when was the last time that anyone from Sun ever answered a question with "... you may have stumbled across a bug"? I think all I ever get from Sun is ...well nothing. No response. Although there was that time the Apache team yelled at me and a few colleagues....

Anyway - have fun with my little hack,
9:33:15 PM    

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