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Thursday, 10 July 2003

The Socket API in JXTA 2.0. Follow a step-by-step code example to learn about the new socket API in JXTA 2.0. []

For the day I find a use for JXTA...
11:44:05 PM    

Table Tennis Reloaded.

I'm sure they're making the rounds, but Scoble pointed out a really amusing video: table tennis, Matrix-style [windows media].  Here's another version for those that don't have the Windows Media option.

[Matt Croydon::postneo]

11:40:11 PM    

HTMLarea in MovableType. Steven Noels points out HTMLarea, a nice JavaScript solution for editing HTML inside a Mozilla. I installed it on... [Ovidiu Predescu's Weblog]

Hmmm. Tasty.
11:22:52 PM    

Implementing Text Editors.

Via Martin Spernau, two useful resources on writing text editors. The Craft of Text Editing appears to be the definitive work on the subject, and is a whole book made available online with permission from the publishers as it is no longer available in print. Writing a Simple Word Processor (PDF) is a more recent paper with excellent overviews of the data structures and algorithms used in modern editing widgets.

[Simon Willison's Weblog]

11:01:23 PM    

Ultra Liberal Feed Parser.

Mark Pilgrim has added support for the 7/1/03 snapshot of the format that shall not be called echo in his latest version of his now ultra-liberal feed parser:

Handles RSS 0.9x, RSS 1.0, RSS 2.0, Pie feeds

You may now commence your consumption of pie/necho in Python.  Yum.

[Matt Croydon::postneo]

Hmmm. I might just port that to Java...
10:42:40 PM    

Echo, the framework for developing object-oriented, event-driven Web applications, as opposed to the rss replacement project.

I always get slightly dubious when someone says something along the lines of "a web app toolkit for those who don't want to know html, jsp or javascript." Pthhht.
10:36:30 PM    

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