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  Tuesday, July 09, 2002

Kenneth Koch, 77

From NPR:

Kenneth Koch died Saturday in New York, at age 77. Koch was a poet and a founder of the New York School -- an avant-garde movement that strove for poetry that he called "formula-less." He was for many years a professor of English at Columbia University. We hear an excerpt from an interview on The Newshour with Jim Lehrer. (3:00)

I had never heard of Koch before last night on All Things Considered. This piece is worth listening to -- the "Train Can Hide a Train" poem is great. A transcript of the original interview is available. But you should really listen to him read the poem. Reading it won't quite be the same.

5:33:19 PM    

Well, it (sort of) works. Problems:

  1. The category links don't go anywhere. Maybe I have to post in each category before those directories will get populated?
  2. (Not really a problem, but...) Upstreaming to the community server is off. Hmm. How to go both places?

5:19:43 PM    
Testing FTP upstreaming to non-community server.
Testing FTP upstreaming to non-community server.
5:15:25 PM    
Minor problems with the untitledPost script

And (maybe?) a bug in Radio.

First, it appears that string.firstSentence doesn't recognize the question mark as an end-of-sentence delimiter. Take a look at my last post. When I first posted it, the whole first paragraph ended up in the title! string.firstSentence blew right past the question mark.

Second (and worse), it appears that Radio gets thrown off if you have a link in the title. The title sort of overflowed the "Title:" field and wandered across the page. I don't know the script language well enough yet to know how to do it, but it seems like untitledPost should be stripping tags out of the first sentence before setting the title.

1:09:52 PM    
How do you get a radio script to work?

How do you get a radio script to work? Terry Frazier talked about it, but I must be a bigger idiot that he claims to be. :)

After hunting around and screwing a few things up, here's what I had to do to make it work. I think there's an easier way, but I couldn't get it to happen.

  1. Go here for the script. It's the three lines that are indented in the middle of his post.
  2. Open the radio app.
  3. Choose Window->Radio.root.
  4. Choose Outline->Collapse Everything.
  5. Double click to open at each level: user, radio, callbacks, postItem.
  6. Select "item #1".
  7. Choose Table->New Script.
  8. Call it "untitledPost" (without the quotes).
  9. Enter the three line script from above.
  10. Open your #itemTemplate file (.../Radio Userland/www/#itemTemplate.txt.).
  11. If your itemTemplate doesn't include the title -- <%itemText%> -- you might want to add it somewhere. Mine didn't.
  12. Make a test post.

If there's an easier way to do this, please let me know!

1:03:38 PM    
Testing the untitledPost macro.

Testing the untitledPost macro. Hopefully this shows up with the first sentence as the title!

From Andy Fragen via Terry Frazier.

Ok, this would have worked the first time if my itemTemplate was set up properly...

And it would have worked the second time if I had fixed the fix properly...

12:40:24 PM    

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