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  Wednesday, July 24, 2002

Some Blogchalk Data

The phenomenon seems to be growing...

In the database currently:

  • there are 2821 total weblogs (this counts unique titles)
  • 1251 of those are as-yet unspidered

Of the 1570 that have been spidered:

  • 28 had parse failures (I'm using python's htmllib).
  • 501 contain a META keywords tag
  • 122 contain a META keywords tag containing "blogchalk".

I exchanged some email today with Daniel Padua about a few things. Coming soon:

  • A search function.
  • An out-of-page data format (xml). This will make the database more capable. will probably generate the necessary code for you like it does now.

If anyone has experience writing search functionality and would like to lend a hand, please let me know. Click here to send an email to the editor of this weblog. Otherwise, I'll just hack together something that works, no matter how ugly.

6:55:00 PM    
categories: blogchalking
"My dad used to beat me with his PC."
This is funny stuff: A great parody of Apple's TV ads [via Just cheap dirt]
6:07:36 PM    
Defeating the Passenger Screening System
Defeating the Passenger Screening System. This paper demonstrates the possibly surprising but (after reading) completely reasonable assertion that the CAPS (Computer Assisted Passenger Screening) system currently in use can be easily reverse-engineered and defeated by terrorists. [via Hand Coding]
9:32:38 AM    

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