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  Tuesday, July 16, 2002

Putting the Randomizer Referers page in your Cloud Links

Update: I was missing a backslash yesterday. If you tried it and it didn't compile, use the updated script below. Sorry for the confusion, and thanks to Joe Friend and Steve Pilgrim for pointing out the error. WYSI not always WYG!

Second Update: Getting a backslash is harder than it looks!

I joined Radio Randomizer yesterday. For some reason the referers don't show up in the normal referers (under "Cloud Links" on the home page). There is a special page for getting referers from the Randomizer, and I wanted this link to show up on my home page.

The first attempt I made was to edit the Desktop Template. I added the link under the line that contains <%radio.macros.cloudLinks()%>. This worked, but it looked funny, because cloudLinks() makes its own table.

Then I made a clutzy attempt to write a macro that would somehow modify the output from cloudLinks() to insert the Randomizer Referers link. The macro itself was fruitless, but I discovered that I could simply change the macro that creates the cloud links text:

  1. Open Radio.
  2. Control-J (or Tools->Developers->Jump).
  3. Enter radio.macros.cloudLinks.
  4. Below the line that adds the "referersurl", add a new line that contains:

    addrow ("<a href=\"" + homeurl + "\">Randomizer Referers</a> shows referers coming from Radio Randomizer")

  5. Press the Compile button.
  6. Refresh your home page and you'll see the link!

12:26:24 PM    
The Ideas Behind Enron's Wacky Corporate Culture

This article at The New Yorker talks about the culture at Enron. Even if there hadn't been the book-cooking, that company still would have gone up in flames. Although I guess without lying about their profits, the stock never would have done so well and the company wouldn't have been one of the ten largest in the country.

[via Blunt Force Trauma]

9:55:38 AM    
Sesame Street: Unamerican?

Just saw this at Ernie the Attorney:

"A day after PBS executives announced they would develop the as-yet-unnamed character for audiences in AIDS-ravaged South Africa, five members of the House committee on energy and commerce said the Muppet would be unwelcome on American TV."  [Story Link] via [Findlaw]

A letter was sent to the president of PBS by W.J. "Billy" Tauzin, Louisiana; Joe Barton, Texas; Richard Burr, North Carolina, Charles "Chip" Pickering, Mississippi; Cliff Stearns, Florida; and Fred Upton, Michigan. They don't think such a character would be age or culturally appropriate for Sesame Street. Suddenly these guys know more about children's TV programming than the producers of Sesame Street? Someone ought to tell these backwards bozos about some of the stuff that's going on in the world -- like South Africa, where 1 in 9 people has HIV.

8:57:52 AM    

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