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  Wednesday, September 25, 2002

Enterprise Web Strategy

I had a good conversation with Dr Windley and Dave Fletcher yesterday about web strategy issues.  We discussed the need for an integrated web platform product, developed and offered by ITS, which will be so good that agencies will be glad to use our services rather than our competition's.  Here is a short list of what it would entail:

  • Content management services
  • Portal services (including personalization)
  • Single sign on with UMD and SiteMinder5, providing authentication, authorization and identity management services via a defined API
  • Payment gateway with easy-to-use API
  • Common application services environment, with set platforms, deployment and support strategies
  • Enterprise code reuse

Keep in mind these are just major features, and many other features would be available.  I will be working on a vision and a scoping document that will help us move in the right direction.

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